Kawaiinose (kawaiinose) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I spent thanksgiving alone due to our apartment job (we are the security people for an old folks home)
anyway, I wanted to share this post because
1) it shows off my dreads
2) its a kick ass pizza.

Alright, final thanksgiving post.
Matt brought home some mashed potatoes and stuffing leftovers for me. I made myself a pizza as a main course.
I was proud of how it looked because it cost probably 1.50 in total and trader joes sells almost the exact same pizza (only smaller) for 5.00. I had matt take pictures of me with the pizza so I could show it off.

It had pesto and toated pine-nuts and tomatoes. It was really good.


Then he wouldnt stop taking photos of me, and I got increasingly mad at him for taking bad photos of me while I was yelling at him to stop.

After he took this photo he said "Its blurry! Do it again!" I said "fuck you" from the kitchen.

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