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I have found my camera cord! So you know what that means... PICTURES! woo hoo!

Also i'd like to bring something up amongst the guys of this community...

You know, the girls are really beating us for nude artistic shots. Soooo I'll include one in my bunch of photos, it's actually the first risque (?) shot i've ever done... It's nothing much, but i think i'll start out slowly. lol If anyone else has some ideas for artistic nude poses or a good webpage for it i'd like it if you sent it along. :)

I personally like this one(^). It shows off my Hemp wrap really nicely. :) Which lead me to ask, is it alright to wash a hemp wrap that's around a dread? Or will the hemp hold too much water and make it smell funky? I only wash my hair like once every week or 2.

Yeah i know the last one is a bit overexposed, but i thought it was good for not having a tripod, or someone i trusted enough to take the pictures. it's a start anyway. :)

later days!

Edit: i messed up the html so it wasn't showing one of my pictures. It's fixed now. :)
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