bryndog (oliphont) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

it is funny, no?

silly lil christmas dread story-

i was opening gifts, and i look into a bag. there is a little container that had a label on the top saying something about "good for light to medium brown hair; red." seeing this, i auotmatically assumed that it was some type of conditioner. "how dare my mother try and persuade me on christmas to get rid of my dreads!" i thought to myself. i lifted the container, only to realize that it was dread wax. my mommy got me dread wax! i just thoguht it was the sweetest thing.

i am questioning if i will use it though, for i have heard bad things. plus my roots are dark brown.

what do you all think?

ps-pictures soon, beacause i got me a NEW digital camera!
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