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Random GUDU update...

Do your dreads prefer winter or summer? Because i see alot of people say their dreads love the winter, and mine just seem like they hate it. They seem like they're falling apart. :/ (Mine you they aren't) So i'm thinking that maybe they would like a coat of wax or something to help deal with the cold. but that'll have to be next week...

ARGH. So my dreads are summer dreads i guess. And because of that i feel they need a present. So tommorrow i'm going to bleach the tips of half of them i think. or see what i can do. Anyone tried bleaching the tips? They're one year old dreads, and the tips are quasi dreaded. If anyone has any tips or tricks or advice or pictures of how their BJ's (bleach job you weirdo. ;) ) turned out i'd LUUUVVV to hear from you. :)
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