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Hey all :) the last time i posted anything here was about 1,5 years ago, so i should probably introduce myself a bit again.. my name is Martine, i've got my dreads now for about 3 - 2,5 years, didn't do much about them, except, after one year, cutting half of em of.. that part is much longer by now again, about the same length as my dreads again. So thats how slow the dreads grow :S well but here some pictures then:

titel of beschrijving

The rest i'll put behind a cut..

And i hope everyone is gonna have a nice party for the newyears eve, and don't party too hard eh ;)heheh lots of love from Amsterdam!

this one is really old, but its the only one where you can see the ones at the back a bit..

titel of beschrijving

this one with my ex and good friend, whose dreads i did as well ;)

titel of beschrijving

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