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dreads or journalism?

hey - since the war started right around my 18th birthday, it's been on my mind a lot whether or not i will be drafted. Then i got to thinking - hey, if i join the army or get drafted, i could be a war photographer. photography's my second love, and could arguably be my first, since i consider films my first. my question for this group is this: would you think it would be worth it to join the army and take pictures if i had to cut off my dreads? (i would inevitably have to cut them)

which leads me to a digression: not only do women not have to register for the selective service, but once they are in the armed forces, they are not restricted to the same hairdos as are the men. of course one must recognize the differences between men and women, but i would argue that in order for us all to live in a society in which we are all as equal as nature allows, each gender must shoulder as many responsibilities as the other.

all i'm saying is that if i were a woman who were joining the military for the same reason, i might not have to cut my dreads. i love to hear people's thoughts, so please respond.

peace and love
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