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holy crap

so earlier a bunch of posts back as a reply someone **i think it was bodymodifier guy*** well anyways it was about loose hairs and he said he just sewed them up through the middle of an already formed dread....well i thought hey that sounds like a damned good idea so i went to walmart and bought a yarn needle...the not sharp with a big enough eye to get a bunch of hair through...76 cents..and lemme tell you that shit is absoluteley amazing...i spent two hours today putting all those loose hairs through the middles of the somewhat forming dreads and then to make sure i didnt have any loops and loose hairs i kinda crocheted the actual dread by making a hole in the base and running the entire dread through it...yeah so that worked wonders...i went to work and people noticed the difference....this is just my long way of saying thank you and passing on that this is a mighty good tip...i was really frustrated the past few days with my dreads but now im happy cuz they dont looks so sloppy and like craziness....im done

i can kinda start to see my scalp now between the dreads and i was never able to before...its a not so great picture and they are just under a month old i think...no wax or rubberbands

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