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11 months. Picture intensive.

Behind the cut:

The horribly waxy beginning
Shrinking dreads
Growing dreads
A bit of romance
And a bit of them today.

We'll start with the nice and recent and work our way back to the past.

These first three are from today, and came as a great surprise as they were the first time that I had seen just how long my hair is now.

And here's one from November with my girlfriend, Regina:


September with Regina:

Two from June, showing how short they got before starting the current quick growing:

Two from March:

Shortly after these two last pictures, I took a blow dryer and a few towels and undertook the tedious task of heating each dread individually, pulling it half apart, rubbing the whole thing vigorously with a towel, then repeating that a few times.

Day 3: Gross and waxy

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