wanda_petronski (wanda_petronski) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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whenever i want to cut out my dreads, i come here and all of your pretty one make me hold on a while longer....
the problem is that they're not so hot. nothing i do will make my roots dread. and my hair is thin so the peope putting them in only made twelve out of my whole head (now there's fourteen, i had to pull some apart)i'd like to have more and i'd love for them to be long, but i know if i cut them out, i will have to wait eons for my hair to be long enough to dread again and they'r fairly tight for five months (and one day) so i don't know if i could brush them out. what the general consensus on cutting one into two? or cutting one down shorter? and can anyone offer help to my rebellious roots?
oh please gurus of the dread, share your wisdom with me.....
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