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ok my dreads are pissing me off big style today.
theres so many little stray shitty bits of hair on the top of my head. i always put em into other dreads with hair bands or whatever but more always appear. loads of my hair is really..."hairy" lol, as opposed to dreaded. it just doesnt seem to matt anymore. i dont wash it...which may be bad i guess. in the last year and 4 months i have got it soaked with water about twice (once i dunked it under in the bath). when i tie it up, the front of my head looks really undreaded, but the back looks cool. arrr i really dont know what to do. btw, quite a few of my dreads are natural and the rest were done by me. i use dax wax on them sometimes (but quite rarely). i tend to just leave them, but i play with them a lot, rubbing the ends to dread them up or palm rolling them to make them better. i love my dreads because theres so many different lengths and thicknesses (ive got some very phat ones yaaayy =) ) ... but hmmm what would be the best way to maintain them? (i wish i could post some pictures so i could describe it better) =(

12:49 = i jus had a shower and washed them ... hope it did them some good!

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