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Hey everybody. I am new to this community and am researching into getting dreads. My hair is pretty short right now and I am trying to grow it out. I looked through the FAQ section to try and answer a lot of my questions and most of them were answered there.
I do have another question though. Does anyone here who has dreads also have psoriasis on their scalp? I have had it since I was a kid. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that itches with scaling red patches. Mine isn't super bad but it does get on my nerves sometimes. I just wanted to know if anyone with dreadies has this problem and what they have done to help it. I often use tea tree oil or peppermint on my scalp but that doesn't always help. I am just concerned that the problem could get worse if I were to dread my hair eventually.
This seems like a great community.
Thanks a lot.
Peace, love and light,
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