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I'm procrastinating from packing (I have to go back to New York City maybe winter pics soon?), so I thought I'd share some pics from a small hotel party that was thrown in my honor on Monday:

Aaron and myself

In most of these pictures I tried to make the ugliest faces I could. It should go without saying that I was pretty inebriated.

You know who

Myself and my friend Amy

Myself and Mo

And then after I got pretty drunk I made Amy take a bunch of photos of my trying to show off the Budweiser can from Texas. What other place in the union has their state on the Budweiser can? None, that's right. Just Texas, and that is why Texas (and Texans) kick ass. Except Bush. Here they are:

There weren't many more photos taken before the batteries died on the camera, otherwise you would have a peek into our night of debauchery and madness, but it's okay. It probably better you didn't see them anyhow. No really, it was a chill party. I promise.


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