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popping in like i do. i haven't nauseated you guys with pictures of me & my muppety-ness in a while, eh what? oh, and i was thrilled whilst reading 'king lear' this semester to find a reference to 'elf locks' with a footnote/explanation no less! tis from when edgar disguises himself as a poor madman and gives himself the aforementioned matted hair :D as a jojofaerie myself, i approve of this term muchly.
forgive me if you subscribe to my lj & have seen these already.

[from 10/04] being a bloody wench during strike for 'rosencrantz & guildenstern' in my props i done brought/wore in the play. i never realize quite how ridiculously long my 5 year old babies have gotten until i see pics like this were they practically cover m'jubblies. *gasp*


from this past weekend. being a luxurious lady after a hot shower, at the waldorf astoria in NY. fancy (that)

best wishes you dreadfulovely creatures. xoxojojo
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