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I'm new
I guess a follow up to Qasar's post (I was reffered here by her)
getting some quasi-ignorant actually no, completely ignorant comments from posting on nonuglies (just for fun I wasn't taking it too seriously)
I was just amused by how many people find this wierd standard attractive and that alot of people I would find incredibly attractive (people that make my heart skip a beat, or whatever) would be considered totally unattractive by someone else, I don't know, the whole thing is absurd but anyways
here is me, I've had them for about two years now almost
I have a problem with alot of hair that is not in any dreads at the top of my head and they end up frizzling and frazzling out, also some hair at the front which ends up being annoying like strands of bangs sometimes
I am also far too lazy to wax up all my dreads anymore, I think I have about 50 of 'em

one last one here is me in my band to see my dreads in action (haha) ok i'm lame

oh and one more thing
I do not smoke pot, contrary to popular belief (ie: people who always ask me for rolling papers or weed)
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