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i got them august 2003, but i have no pictures on this computer, so the first shot is from september

i'm the one all the way to the left

october 2003

november-ish 2003:

january 2004

february 2004

march/april? 2004

may 2004

june 2004

july 2004

august 2004

^my personal favorite^

october 2004

december 2004

january 2005

now it's february and they look the same as january... sorry if this was like way too many pictures, i just love looking at other people's evolution pictures.. hmph

<3 katie

p.s. sometimes i think about chopping my dreads off, just for a change of pace. but then i go on livejournal and there's a million new posts from this community filling up my friends page and then i can't bring myself to even think about chopping them off. so thank YOU guys for making me still have my dreads!
^that's why dreadlocks are love^
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