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Adjusting the Community Rules

Here is the fifth community rule:

This is a community. We are a group of people having a common interest in dreadlocks. We need to remain respectful and polite to all members. Everyone has a different method and different reasons for locking. We aren’t here to argue about the “right way” to form or have dreadlocks. (Been there, done that.) We’re here because we enjoy the fellowship we can find among other dreadheads we can’t always find elsewhere. Childish posts like “OMG I’M LEAVING HERE FOREVER!!!11”, insulting someone’s hair or views and anything else that offends the group at large will not be tolerated.

Once upon a time get_up_dread_up was a war ground of folks starting drama over how to define the word "dreadlocks". So much so that we had to ban those types of conversations. But since we are all big kids here and we can be mature, here is the deal. You can define dreadlocks/locks/whatever you call them in your own posts. You can talk in comments and start discussions about the topic. You can have intelligent heated debates over terminology. Talk until your eyes bleed. I don't care. But the line gets drawn at personal attacks.

I trust that everyone understands this? get_up_dread_up should still be a place that's open for discussion. That's what a community is. Please don't make me sorry I did this.

EDIT: A good point was raised so I edited the post and personal attacks will be judged on a case by case basis.
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