☆Rachael (iglowinnthedrk) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hi, so I decided to try to start before I leave for Paris, instead of when I got back. I couldn't wait any longer. Although, I think I'm having problems. They're 2 days old now. But I tried to take some of the bands off my roots to see what they'd do and they aren't staying together at the roots very well. Is this normal? I know the whole process is going to take a looong time but I've seen pics of new dreads and they seem to be good at the roots. Should I try to backcomb them better? I don't know. Help?
Oh and I didn't use any wax or anything. I'm trying to avoid the wax. But I'm thinking maybe salt water in a spritzer will do some good?

And they look kinda wavy now from pig tails :)
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