i heard the heron cry (paperbagprinces) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
i heard the heron cry

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boardering on a year....

my dreads are making me feel strong again. they are seeded somewhere in my conscience, and as much as i may get annoyed with them time and again, they've become something larger, more expansive, more real than most other things that i find myself surrounded by. this is the first year ever that i haven't freaked out about exams....just did what i had to do...the first time i haven't felt so inclined to freak out at people who piss me off...a time when i have felt a part of the universe....a time that i have felt happy, and freed, and alive.

they're going to be a year old on may 1st, and on that day i will celebrate this gift that has been given to me...this gift that i have given myself, this freedom that i celebrate every day of my life. finally i can look myself in the eye. they do what they want to do, and that is okay. we live our lives in harmony. life is a lesson in patience and tolerance, and i am learning from myself every day.......
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