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dreadlocks are everything that love should be

I havent updated in a long time, probably considering I only have about 15 dreadlocks left on my head. I have had my dreads for about ten months now, what is left of them anyways. It is impossible for me to let go completely. About a month ago I brushed out most of the dreads at the back of my head, since they formed a beaver tail.

I am definitely rocking the natural hair to dread combo it seems, and I love it. Access to my scalp when itchy, but natural hair elastics whenever needed. There is also a certain beauty I find in looking at a matted up piece of hair compared to naturally flowing straight locks. I have pretty much let them do whatever they want for the last six months, and even though my tips are as wavy as anything((its their personality ^__^)) they are incredibly locked up at the roots. Neglect goes a long way, if you give them a little push start ^__^

Here is a highlight of my dreads from beginning to now

before shot, ugh

first dreadies

the back at one month

two months in

me after dipping them in irish waters
they were so healthy after that

four months in and going strong

six months, my favourite time for them

time when i realized im twins! with _femminology

xmas dreads

and now

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