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Happy Birthday To My Dreads

My dreads are 1 year old today! I started them a year ago, really, and finished within a few days. I sadly don't really have many pictures from the first few months because I wasn't in this lovely community then. But I have compiled a timeline as best I could, and tried to find some pictures you haven't seen before. But some of them are repeats.

Here I am pre-dreads:

This was my 20th birthday party, about a week before I did my hair. At this point I probably had no idea I would have dreads so soon or even ever. I just came back from class one day and decided to dread my hair. It was pretty random.

This is the earliest picture I could find of my dreads. This was april. I still had a lot of rubber bands in the roots at this point.


I had surgery in May and didn't touch my dreads for a long time. I think that's why they were so loose here.

They were also very fluffy. The weather change from Mass. to San Francisco did not make them happy.


Here I am drinking wine again. We did that a lot last summer.
They tightened up quite quickly when I started spraying them with salt water and lemon juice and putting on occasional wax.


This was the day I got my tongue pierced. That's what this picture really shows off, but you can see my hair a little bit.

This was the day I left SF for school. That's my best friend and summer house mate.


I look weird in this picture. But you can see my hair well.


Here I am as the pope. I love Halloween.



There I am drunk again.

A picture from my self portrait photo series.


Just washed. The last time I washed them, in fact.


Somehow some of them ended up blue.

And today:


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