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hola all!

welp i'm new here & new to my dreadies, but i have been reading the postings with much interest over the past month or so, anticipating my path into dread-hood!... my bebe dreaded my hair for me on Friday after i got outta work.... i thought it was only gonna take 2-3 hours, but it ended up taking 5 hours!... ha! that's love & patience for yah, eh?... i heart my bebe.... so yeah, my dreadies are way new & my scalp is not too happy with me.... in general i have a very sensitive scalp & right now it surely isn't very happy at all.... i got my products from Knottyboy.com & it says not to wash your dreads for a week after making them.... ick! i dunno what to do about my scalp then, because it is mucho itchy & burny & red & irritated.... any suggestions appreciated thanx!

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