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OK so i'll be headed to Toronto in a few days (i'll be there friday) and i just wanted to give a shout out to all the dreadies up there and if you see a dreadhead with half his dreads bleached only on the tips looking very lost and scared because he's in a large city, say Hi to me. :) It'll make me have a better impression of large cities (I'm dreadfully {excuse the pun} scared of any really large city (Like TO, MOntreal, i'm much more of a Halifax or Fredericton kinda guy, it's a weird phobia. Also anyone know the name of that phobia? I'm thinking meglometrophobia... but i have no idea.).

oh and if you're from niagara or mississauga(sorry about the spelling if it's wrong) and see the same guy, say hello too. :) I'm hoping to get tons of pictures, and having a few with random dreadlocked people would be so wonderful. :)

As it is i'm already planning to meet one fellow member. :D

Anywho it's 4am, i must be lonely... Well not quite it's just that there's this HUGE windstorm and i like storms.
anywho tata i'm off to watch the cats get blown about (j/k)

and to finish here's a picture! it's from our last show

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