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Howdy Kids

im new to this LJ community but not new to having dreads :)
i have had dreads 3 times since 1995 . cutting them off twice for various reasons and i've dreaded them using different methods everytime ,which has given me a good idea of what i like best/what works best for me..
For me , having dreads isn't about being "cool". i think they are beautiful and for whatever reason i feel naked when i don't have locks . also my locks are a outward symbol that i am set apart from the norm and the order of this wicked system and say i belong to the most high GOD : father, son ,& holy spirit .. dreads promote a roots state of mind . a natural way of thinking .. but at the heart of it all : i just love locks so i have them :)
my current batch is about 1 year and 10 months old ..
so with all that said : here's my hair :)
God Bless!!

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