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dready dreamy

So I had a dready dream last night. Right near the end of my dream I went to go pick a friend up from work. On the drive home I was kind of hanging out the passenger side window looking down into the car next to us. In the passenger seat, which was on the wrong side due to me being in dream land, was a girl with really nice little dreads...I kept on tapping on her window cuz i wanted to tell her that i liked her bob tshirt but she ignored me and the old woman driving her car turned into a driveway that went back into a farmland. thats all :) OH YEAH... we kept on driving and i was still hanging out the window and all of these young man were walking around the tiny little town and me and the others in my car were singing a song that consisted of us shouting , do you know what I am trying to say!? it was lovely.

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