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OK guys, say you absolutly had to cut your dreads for your University grad photo. How many weeks before hand would you cut your dreads off? Would you just do it the week before, or a few months before just to get used to styling it?

When i got my dreads my mom asked me to cut them off so that when i had my grad photo taken i would have a nice grad photo. NOw i'm not one to break promises to my mother, espically something like this. NOw i plan on growing them right back after my grad photo, hopefully to be knotted up by graduation in may (pics are in september->nov). That she said she would be alright with, so it seems fair. it's only hair right?

I guess i'm asking your guys opinions. SHould i lop it off now, or wait till the middle of summer to lop it off? I know alot of my family will like it. espically my grandparents. oi... *rolls eyes*

Plus i like change with my hair, so i'm thinking if i lopped it all off now it might fill my desire for change for a while, and then i'll be all the more excited to lock up after my pic. I know i'll have to make a decision myself ultimately, but what would you do in this position?
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