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Notty By Nature - Some Questions


New to LJ and my first post to this forum. Had some questions about dreading that need answered. Have looked through the FAQ / memorable posts, and couldn't find answers to a few specific things, and just wanted some clarification before following through.

First, a little background. Years ago, went from waist length normal hair overnight to a shaved head, with the purpose of dreading some nice, THICK hair. Ultra long, thin hair tends to thin out, especially at the ends. Loving long hair, and wanting to keep my hair long for life .. well, dreadies are the only answer.

So the hair has been growing back for about a year, and is just past my shoulders. Seems like a great length (maybe 10 to 12 inches?) ...

Research indicate the best methods would be the twisty one. Yet, when I tried it the other night as an experiment, my hair wouldn't lock .. very very fine hair, think Legolas.

Oh, and I've locked other peoples hair using Knotty Boy, but prefer to personally stay away from wax and go as natural as possible. Wax seems to get a little stinky after several years, not to mention it gunks up your bed pillows pretty good.

So, some ideas I had, and questions to ask about before going forth.

1. Space between locks? When doing the partition technique, eg squared sections, what is a good space to have? How much do dreads grow in thickness, especially over the course of 5, 10 years and up? While the super tiny dreads are cool, they don't seem very 'masculine' to me, and tons of small dreads seem to require more upkeep, so my preference is larger rather than smaller, but even so .. no idea how much space.

2. Backcombing - Without doing wax, my question is the how-to-lock technique. Here's what Im thinking, and was wondering if there could be any improvements. First, have the roots sectioned and braided somewhat (braids to help the roots lock.) Second, backcomb. Third, hand-roll (*cough*) the hair .... seems simple enough, will this actually cause enough tangles to stay matted w/o wax and remain together when being washed?

3. Extra's - Being all natural doesn't necessarily mean not using any products in the hair. So, lemon juice, aloe vera, salt water all seem to be good for tightening up dreads, are any useful to use when forming the locks?

4. Time between washing? Ive heard several conflicting reports on this, from regular wash to once every month or so. Having slightly oily white boy hair, seems that washing every other day would help dry the hair, aiding in lockage. Comments, personal experience?

5. Bob Marley, required music for locking or not? :) Just playing with this question, but am curious as to response.

Thanks for taking the time to read this exhaustively long post. I don't know how to clip this post to a link, or I would.
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