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for sale :)

hey sweet family!
i have been making some yummy dread oils and wanted to see if any of you were interested in getting some . it comes in a 4oz. bottle ..
this oil goes a long way .. and it feeds and cleans those locks !
here is a list of the yummilious ingredents:
*esseential lavender oil
*safflower oil
*almond oil
*canola oil
*jojoba oil
*burt's bees vitamin E oil
*chamomile oil
*majoram oil
*champa oil
*tea tree oil
*lemon oil
*wheatgerm oil
*rosemary extract
*calendula oil
*rosewood oil
*blue yarrow
*blue cypress
*sunflower oil
i use Aura glow unscented oil for the carrier oil
which has peanut,vit.E,lanolin and pure olive oil in it..

So if your interested in some roots homemade lovin' for your locks , the price is $10 a bottle plus s&h (which is $3) so for 13 bucks your locks can do the happy dance :)
email me if interested :)
paypal is prefered (money orders will do) - hehe :)

im also looking into making some rosemary /peppermint/lavender shampoo too ..
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