The Imitation of Perfection (crackur) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
The Imitation of Perfection
get_up_dread_up with white people and dreadlocks........

Well first off I'm white/indian and if I'm not mistaken dreadlocks are formed by not combing your hair. Well let's see back in them good old days I really don't remember seeing any combs or brushes in history books. So if you don't brush your hair, wouldn't you say you get knots in your hair? So wouldn't ever RACE get them before we made combs and brushes? Ok next up, Dreadlocks itself is a CULTURE. You must endure the prejudice from not only other races but your own! If we must stick to what is commericialized our OWN race/culture. Should we not be prejudice towards african americans who wear weaves?????? Or Africans americans who straighten or perm their hair?

Next up, who really gives a shit what kind of hair style you have? NO ONE SHOULD! I mean it's you, you do it to yourself. You must endure how others will see you, but their opinion does not mean a damn thing!

I'm tired of all this white people can't have dreads type of shit. I'm white and I have dreadlocks, now let's see if your words unlock my dreads........keep talkin'

Remember......a person don't make dreadlocks.....Dreadlocks make the person.

And from what I read Ignorance does not make a point or a lick of damn sense!

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