SNOWxCORE omfg urethra (mandible_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
SNOWxCORE omfg urethra

Sooo, much to my surprise (not), I'm growing my mohawk into a dread hawk! I had a dread hawk for about three years, a few years ago, but my mother attacked the back with scissors one night while I was asleep, so I just shaved them all off. (I still have them, too.)

Now, I'm back, with a rat tail, chelsea, AND dread hawk (the rat tail might become a dread; I'll ponder). Plus, I don't live with my mother!

ANYHOW, my question for you beauties is this:

What can I use besides beeswax? Anything vegan friendly? Maybe just hairspray? :)

(I checked the memories, but I couldn't find anything of this nature.)
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