Hearth Keeper (silverwitch) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Hearth Keeper

Well, I'm at three and a half months - or roughly thereabouts, and all of a sudden, the ends of several of my dreads are unraveling and I'm accumulating more and more loose hair that seems to be appearing out of no where. I had made it this far without having them fall apart, and I know they are not very old, but it just seems strange to start having these problems pop up now. I'm going to try to backcomb them a bit. I don't want to break out the wax again, I haven't used it since the first week or two, but I may have to. Which sucks. I'm also thinking about attempting to get some thread that matches my hair and try to sew the individual dreads up a little bit to try to hold some of that hair in. Has anybody else had these issues pop up around this time and does my plan of action sound reasonable to you more experienced folks?

Sorry if it seems like I'm always asking forty and eleven questions in here. I just don't have anybody else to talk to about my locks and you all are the lucky recipients of my dread-lonliness. ;-)
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