lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

tips pic & an OLD timeline

my tips are all adorably curly this week. i think i may've slept on them funny. :D

(click here to see the most recent full photos i've posted.)

so my dreads turn five months on tuesday. to celebrate how much better they look this time around, i spent way too long mocking up a big assed timeline jpeg for that first set.

i know SO much more this time around. when i started the set below in 1997, there was almost nothing on the internet & no one could really help me. i lived in a town with THREE colleges but only saw ONE man with dreads - a jamaican guy with these gorgeous tiny thin locks that smelled amazing... but he couldn't offer any help with caucasian-hair dreads. knottyboy's site wasn't even back when i started - it was some angelfire or geocities page. oldschool.

anyhow, i learned a LOT on that journey, & i think my expertise shows in my current dreads. i'm stoked to be where i am with them.

the image below is missing any earlier shots because i didn't own a digicam until late '98.


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