Jesus H. Jip (dudeyrgetinadel) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Jesus H. Jip

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i have a question for all the Dr.Bronner's users...

i've been using his peppermint soap for the past couple of months and not brushing in hopes that my hair will dread itself. at first, the soap was great and felt nice, but lately it's been making my hair feel sort of filmy and dirty.
anyway, i'm wondering if maybe i'm using too much? my hair is really long and kinda thick so i'm used to using a lot of shampoo. has anyone had this promlem?

i took a few pics for you to get the jist of my

the dread that started it all....and is eating up everything in it's path.

the back...

..and the front.

(sorry the pics aren't real helpful, i'm no good at taking pictures of myself and my camera was dying.)

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