i like liking things that no one else likes (mcpuggington) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
i like liking things that no one else likes

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salt-water spritz

'ello there! my dreadies are having an interesting day.... for the past few days i have been spritzing them with salt-water every nite & having my lovely sis massage it into my scalp.... i read somewhere that this is supposed to help the snow-like problem that i have.... it supposedly kills the bacteria that can cause the flakies or something like that.... i am really hoping that this will help!

PS: since i am a poor art student & everyone so-so loves me on here please buy my rad vintage shirts! i am always shopping around at local thriftstores & finding neat stuff that doesn't fit me, so i try to sell it on EBAY to make a bit of xtra cash to pay for books! thanx & sorry for the cross-posting!
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