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Modzilla Attacks!

When you post to a community, there are a few common courtesies.

Don't make posts with comments disabled.
Please don't delete or screen comments to your posts.

It's rude to do otherwise. If you post to a community, you have to allow others to participate in your discussion. Even if you don't like the discussion, people are allowed to comment. Otherwise, this stops being a community and becomes your personal journal. If you don't want to read a particular conversation/post/whatever, don't read it. No one is forcing you. There is a disable email option when you post. This means, you won't be emailed when people comment. If you don't like the turn of a particular conversation, feel free to do this. Or you can ignore it.

And if something is really wrong in a post or a comment, contact a mod. That's why we're here! So as always, have fun. I'm tired and cranky so I'm off to eat ice cream.
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