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I'm so friggin' impulsive!

You know what, I combed out my dreads for the 2nd time, and I am also regretting it for the 2nd time.

Both times I've done it I've just come here afterwards and looked at all you beautiful people and asked myself what on earth I've done.
So, soon I will be starting my 3rd journey. I'd like to backcomb because I need to get £2000 together by September, meaning I need a lot of jobs, but now everybody's like "You'll just comb them out again anyway!", so nobody's willing to do it, yet paying for a perm would take a huge bite into that £2000. Of course when looking for employment going natural isn't really an option even though I'd love to.

Oh God. I'll stop ranting now. Please just keep posting loads of pics to fuel my dread drive. :)
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