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i have a little problem. I have nappy dreads, and if I bind the outgrowing hair with rubber bands, and I take them out, I get these awefull bumps in my dreadlocks, because that's the way my hair will grow. I really really HATE that. So now I don't tie them with rubber bands anymore, and I let them just grow wild, but I don't want to because it doesn't look very well taken care of, with all that loose hair jumping around. What is the best way for me to really get the outgrow of my hair tightened up to form really tight dreads? I still don't understand the whole principle of the crotcheting process, and I have been unable to find really good pictures or illustrations that explain me how to do it (as I know nobody in real life who can show it to me), and rubbing clockwise is really tiring for my arms, and I can't do that long.


(and and of course i need to know how to get those loopies out of my dreadies, and how to get my dreads tighter ... or well... harder in general.)
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