157649 (157649) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i havent been online much lately and i havent read too many recent journal entrys from you guys so sorry if you have talked about BUGS lately.

BUGS! I HATE BUGS! i used to be a dirty street kid....didnt care once if i got bugs or not and thankfully i never did...but now that im squeeky clean its been freeking me the fuck out and im really clean about my hair...now.....i used to like NEVER wash it....but now i wash it alot....cause i freak out about bugs.....but.....MY DREADS SEEM TO HAVE LOOSEND UP THE PAST MONTH.and i dont like this....so what do you kids do to make shure you dont get bugs and keep them clean without them geting lose. a friend said i should try tree tee oil shampoo....what do you guys think have you used this before?
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