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Newbie here

Hey, I just started dreading last night FOR THE FIRST TIME, by myself.

My friends are coming over today to do the back, but I have short hair so it's not gonna take that long...

Anyway, I don't know if I am doing it right. I decided not to buy the wax until they are done in case I don't like it (so they are easier to get out, I did experiment with a crapload of conditioner on the first 2).

I bought a metal dog comb from where I work (petstore, but it was new so don't worry)) and backcombed like CRAZY! I know they are not gonna be tight but they are very loose. I was also wondering if I can use a needle and thread to kinda sew them a bit tighter to start so it doesn't look quite as new...I've seen people who have them sewn.

Here's other info: white girl, slippery thick hair that was in an inverted bob a little longer the chin level. I thought I should start shorter so it wouldn't kill me putting them in.

I'm glad to join this comm. and will post pics soon!

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