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Newbie here with PICS

Hey all, just did my dreads yesterday:  I found and indie rock store that sells knotty boy products so I did wax them right away (I wasn't going to in case I hated them--but I love them!).  Here's some pics:





This one reminds me of the song 32 Flavors by Ani Difranco

This last one I took in my parents garden:  this is a sculpture my father made and put in there (the rust is intentional) I took all these pics myself this morning: the first one 2 days ago when I had my hair braided (to get kinky before dreading).


The back ones are super short and I could hardly backcomb them, so I waxed them really well and rubber banded them, they should dread over time, right?

I also have a lot of confidence this morning, I am going on a diet and going to take better care of myself in general (if you can't tell from the pics, I am about 320lbs.)

Anyway, thanks to this community for being here!  All the memories posts helped me soooooooo much!

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