lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


i just ordered knottyboy's aloe locking accelerator.

i like their wax, in very small amounts & only for brand new dreads. i like their liquid shampoo a lot (the first batch at least, circa 1998), but only for every second or third wash or it dries my hair out like mad. so i figured i'd give a new product a try. i'll let you kids know what i think.

in the spirit of trying new things, i also ordered their shampoo bar. i anticipate this to be much the same as the liquid except, er, harder.

(yes, i know dreadlocks don't NEED product. they're dreads! go natural! yay! but considering i bleach & dye every few months, & my hair's naturally dry to begin with, my dreads are thirsty for SOMETHING & we know regular conditioners aren't dread-friendly. so maybe this aloe & lime concoction purpoted to be "lighter than wax" will do the trick for me. we'll see.)

thoughts? comments? "i tried it & liked it"? "i tried it & hated it"? comment away. :D
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