ghjf (dreadcookie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Can I see some pre-dread (kiddie) pictures from everyone? *pout*

I started from this:

and this:

'til I ended up with a head full of these :O

Also: if you ever happen to be the 'victim' of the same-o caveman/woman comments of another insecure group of 12 year old airheads (like me & my (also dreaded) friend last night), no worries. This is what you do: jump on your friend's back, piggyback ride your way over to the group, act like you're about to bite one of them in the arm, tell one of them they look tasty, chase them down the street whilst screaming 'ugha ugha'. Wait 'til they're out of sight. Go back. Steal their beer ;)

It's better than thinking 'people are so mean & closeminded' and feeling sad about the comments :D

Hil xx
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