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So..as everyone is doing the 'me then, me now' things..i thought i'd do one too :)
sorry that there are so many pics...it's just that some don't show my hair so well. :)

me in the pram...short, fine, white blond hair.

me with my bum in the air..oh the shame! :$

16th birthday, whisked away to the beach with my two best buddies.looking rather...wide :S hair all natural, not caring.

me...ruining a 'serious pose' picture. no one knew i had done it till the photos were developed..HAH!

kissingkat, yet again.. hair going through a 'straight phase'

the day before i dreaded it. Oct 3rd 2004

The day i dreaded it, Oct 4th 2004.


At a firends birthday . i love the dread that is like 'right..MY turn to shine' :) hehe. after a friend helped crochet it, so it was rather bumpy.

random looking like a pig photo :)

yay, they finally start to look like dreads.

and....the most recent photo of me. wiht my happy happy hair :)

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