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hey yo!

All these pictures of dreads through the ages got me reminising, and ive so many pics of ragdollynene and I in joined sacred dreadness, soon the time will come to document the good ole days.i havent many old pics of me dreads cus there all in my photo album which i shall share when i get time to scan them.

Until then ill just do a quick

before the dreads krept in, a photo for someones photography project. Me looking like a hagged old wench.

Image hosted by

quite a long jump forward here, my threading stage where i got a bit carried away and was on the look out for any strays to bind up.- not a good idea.

Image hosted by on the lookout.....for what im not sure........but its near, i sense it....
Image hosted by

train-licking good

Image hosted by

oooooooohh, ropes sprouting from my brain...
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I find myself dribbling when looking at this one

Image hosted by

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