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i feel left out! :(

baby me!
t or d
about 12 w/ a lady friend :)
t or d
jump to my junior year at my homecoming
t or d
i had every color you can think of!
about 3 years ago
t or d
i shaved my head when i learned i was pregnant b/c i feel you do carry history in your hair and it was time to let go and start my new life :)
starting to grow out
t or d
i got hitched :)
t or d
i had a beautiful baby girl
t or d
hair still growing for dreads :)
t or d
then FINALLY i got the hair of my dreams!
t or d
t or d
me and my baby boy :) (you can see them sticking up on the back)
t or d
wow that was alot of work!
the end! :)
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