Matt (starwind95) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I’m finally ready to get dreads. I’ve been reading all kinds of stuff online and following many communities to learn whatever I can about them. The only problem is that I know that I cannot reach the back of my head to backcomb and nobody I know is skilled enough to do them for me. I know they shouldn’t be that hard for someone else to do for me, but I would really rather get them off to a promising start and not leave myself worrying about them constantly.

So, does anyone know of somewhere in Florida where I can get them done? I’d like to go to someone that can show me how they are created and teach me a little about maintenance and other things that I need to know (all the stuff that I can’t learn from the internet). I don’t really want to ask random salons because they’ll probably lie and say they can do them and then mess up my hair just to make some money. Maybe I just need to meet some better friends.

I live in West Palm Beach and Orlando for parts of the year. This leaves me able to travel to anywhere in Florida, so any suggestions? I don’t need to go to a professional stylist or anyone with a degree; so, if anyone knows how to dread and is willing to teach me about dreads/maintenance, I’d pay for your skills.
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