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i've been pretty happy with my locks the past few weeks. getting long, knotting up just right, being well behaved. i have pictures, a dread rinse recipe, and a WONDERFUL website for people who like nice smelling locks. (everyone on my friends list who is also a part of this community, is going to laugh at me) :|

pictures first.

i made this up the other day after i washed my locks and it has kept them nice smelling for quite a while.

two bags chai tea (or any tea you like)
cinnamon stick
handful rosemary
lots of salt
boil all of this in a small pot of water, when everything has been extracted; strain the liquid into a large jug, add cold water ... then maybe some of your favorite essential oil. toss it on after a wash, mmmhmm.

now, before i begin, i'll have to say beware! this website can KILL your pocketbook, it has done it to mine! i've gotten into the habit of using the oils in my rinse or scenting up the tips of my locks.

oils are set into categories ... dragon, voodoo, shakespearean, alice in wonderland (just to name a few). or, you can choose to stop reading this stupid shit i'm writing and see it for yourself!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab">
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