freaky like the daughter of a pastor (blackperson) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
freaky like the daughter of a pastor

The Fairy Mod Mother is fucking cranky...

Ok, here is the low-down.

Personal attacks are not tolerated. But there is the difference between an insult to your hair and a debate over the semantics of a definition. Saying, "Those aren't dreadlocks" is different that "Your hair looks like shit." There is also a difference between "I don't think those are dreadlocks" and "I don't think those are dreadlocks and that means you're a fucking poser." Please learn these differences.

If someone had a disagreement about your dreadlocks, that is NOT an insult. Yelling about having or not having "real" dreadlocks is a stupid ass argument. It's stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D. You all look good and I don't care if you call them chickens. So please stop getting bent out of shape when people you've never met before make a judgment call on something as trivial as hair. No matter how spiritually connected you might be to your hair, the path of peace is also more important than trying to convince someone online that you have a certain hairstyle. And if you just like the way they look, then why does it fucking matter what you call them?

We all know that there are different ways people define the word "dreadlocks". The only way I can ban someone for saying you don't have "real" dreadlocks is if there was a community definition of the word. And if I made a community definition, then a lot of people would be unhappy. So when you post your pictures, you leave yourself open to comments from people who might not agree with your definition. Bottom line: Learn to let shit slide. In a place with 1200+ people, disagreement is bound to happen. Debating is fine and if you don't want to debate, don't. No one says you have to comment back. Or politely say you don't wish to debate and then STOP RESPONDING TO THEM. Stop! Because if you continue talking, you are now involved in the continuation of drama. If someone is out of line in your post, send me a link (jgrier at gmail dot com) and please don't delete comments or the post. It makes it harder for me to see who started the drama.

Once again, it's just fucking hair! I need a back rub so everyone shut the fuck up, enjoy your chickens and play nice, goddamnit!
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