Shea aka Henny (neoterrikae) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Shea aka Henny

How African-Americans can begin locks

It seems like I've wanted dreads forever. My grandparents and aunts were the only ones stopping me. Now, I'm out of college, and living with my mom who has no problem with dreads and am free to grow them, except I have one problem- how do I start growing dreads?

I went to an African hair salon to get my hair done a week ago and I'm already hating what they've done. I told the woman that I wanted small neat dreads and I even showed her a picture of what I wanted and specifically mentioned that I wanted her to use wax to hold the dreads. She got the wax as well as a ton of gel and told me that she needed to use both. She basically partitioned my hair, then used a comb to pull on it and twist the hair as she was pulling. By the time she was done, my hair was completely saturated in gel. Then she blowdried my hair and it was completely laquered to my head. The result resembles fine shirley temple twists and i hate it. It's not me. I HATE lacquered hair!! Sheesh!!

Anywho, for the past few days, I've been doing considerable research online to find a method that will work for me and to also read other people's experiences. THe first method is backcombing. From what I've read on it, it tends to be more suitable for people with caucasian hair and longer hair types as well. My hair is natural and only 3 inches long. I've also read about twists, but I haven't found any pics to see how they're done. Finally, I've read about Sisterlocks which seem to be absolutely awesome and they require no gel or wax, but are also ridiculously expensive and while stylish, they aren't really dreadlocks at all. I suppose when I'm much older, that may be more to my taste, especially when I can afford to lay down about $500 to start and then another $80 or so every few weeks for maintenance.

In the interim, however, I want dreadlocks. My mother is willing to actually put them in for me, but I have no idea of how to instruct her. Can anyone recommend a method that could work for my short natural hair? And could anyone also recommend products (like a good shampoo and wax) that I can pick up at a local store perhaps? Do any other women of color here have any advice or could recommend a relatively inexpensive stylist (in the MD-DC-VA areas) or a method they used?

Thanks in advance for any help any of you can provide.
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