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Yes...in the long run this IS dreadrelated

I don't mean to sound like a teenybopper or anything, but I am just really excited that Jamiroquai is coming out with a new album. I saw them for the first time when I was 8 years old, back in 1993, my dad took me to a concert on his shoulders, and I guess somehow love for certain music or bands crawls through the blood, because I have loved Jamiroquai ever since. This is 12 years ago! I am turning 20 this year and my love for them still shines as it did back then. I also saw them again in 2001. Man, I was so happy.

And yea. A new album. This is just amazing. To illustrate how much I love their music, there was once a crazy period in my life where I actually considered tattooing the Jamiroquai logo on me. Hehe.

So I hope there are other dreadheads are sharing this with me, the excitement of the new album. And of course I think the new single is great.

And now for the dreadrelated part:
I always wondered why Jay Kay (lead singer), never had dreads, especially in his younger days. I always really did wonder about this. If out of all people someone would have them, it would have been him. But yet, nothing. Amazingly strange. Didn't anyone else ever wonder about this? I mean they would suit him so well, I know this for sure. Ah well.

Jamiroquai has a new album. :P
*does a happy dance*
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