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The idea came to me suddenly that'd i'd like to have a picnic the day after my birthday (wednesday).
Since there are soo many from Ma in here I thought I'd extend an invite!
I realize it's short notice, but i'm sure we can do another one of these again this summer!

Location: http://decordova.com/ ---Has an awesome sculpture park which is free and many people picnic there so I'm pretty sure it's allowed!
I'm bringing hummus, tabouleh and bubbles!
Everyone should bring a group munchie, but you don't have to go nuts! Whatever your budget allows!
And a blanket or chair!
I'm thinking around Noon-ish because it gives us time to eat and get to know eachother an then explore the park!
If your interested email me! candi.oconnell@gmail.com
subject line PIC-A-NIC!!!

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